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Why This Blog Will Give You Powerful InsightsOn How To Get Your Message Shared Online

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If you’re passionate about social media, then you’re in the right place.

If you find it challenging to get the results you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place, too.

Because here’s the situation:

As powerful as social media marketing can be — as difficult is it to master.

Not only do you have to understand human engagement and social networking, you also need a profound understanding of how the web works — from a technical perspective.

I’ll make sure to post insights and opinions that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. As an experienced digital strategist and renowned public relations professional, I’ll give you the social media toolbox you need to succeed.

Getting your message spread requires a solid digital strategy.

And getting there is what this blog is about.

Sound interesting?

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What Other Say About Doktor Spinn

”Jerry is one of – if not – the leading thinker in Sweden for conversation-based commuication and social media strategies.” — Anders Sjöman, VP Communications at Voddler

”Jerry’s profound insights in how people interact on the social web makes even the most complex solution seem simple and obvious. In short, he’s a leading PR thinker with an unusual down-to-earth appreciation for the doing parts.” — Micco Grönholm, The Brand-Man

”He’s genuinely passionated about revitalising and modernising the public relations industry — and he’s becoming a true industry leader.” — Fredrik Pallin, Leading Swedish PR Advisor

”Perhaps surprisingly for an evangelist personality, Jerry is also a good listener — much appreciated by clients and colleagues.” — Bertil Myhr, Tech PR Specialist at Springtime

”In my opinion, Doktor Spinn is Sweden’s no. 1 PR blog.” — Markus Welin,

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About Jerry Silfwer

jerry-digital-strategistJerry Silfwer (b. 1979) is the Chief Operations Officer at Whispr Group, a data-driven social media agency with offices in New York and Stockholm. The agency was founded in New York by Joakim Leijon who brought Jerry onboard as the single co-owner in 2010. After over a year stationed at Whispr New York, Jerry relocated from Manhattan back to Stockholm in late 2011 to set up Whispr Stockholm.

Today, Jerry is based in Stockholm.

Prior to Whispr, Jerry was the Head of Social Media at Springtime PR, the largest owner-led agency in the Nordics. He was also outsourced part-time as Nordic PR Manager for Adobe Systems.

Jerry holds Bachelor Degrees in Public Relations and Linguistics from Mid Sweden University and were awarded scholarships by PRECIS (Public Relations Agencies in Sweden) and DIK (Union for Communication Professionals in Sweden) for his thesis on the relationship between influencers and publishers.

In 2008, Jerry founded the no. 1 PR community in the Nordics, PR of Sweden and his blog Doktor Spinn, a blog on digital PR ranked by Invesp amongst the Top 45 PR Blogs in the world.

Jerry has spoken at the World Public Relations Forum, given several lectures at Berghs School of Communication and Hyper Island, been dinner speaker at Sweden Social Web Camp and been featured in national trade media on several occasions.

Popular Doktor Spinn Keynote Topics include: How To Succeed In Social Media How To Measure Digital Marketing Digital Opportunities For Internal Communications Employer Branding Opportunities In Social Media How To Create A Loyal Community That Buys Your Stuff Blogging 101 For B2B Companies

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